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WORK WRD 204/1

WORK WRD 204/1
WORK WRD 204/1

Безжична система

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2 VHF channels receiver with 2 handheld microphones

WR 204 is a two-channel wireless system for the VHF band. Its compact size and features allow use in facilities such as conference rooms for two speakers or the speaker and audience.The system includes four preset frequency that are selected by a dipswitch block in both rear receiver as in each of the microphones.The receiver has single unbalanced output and an additional output to mix both channels.

WR 204
VHF Frequency Band
Frequency stability: 90 dB.
Harmonic distortion: 95 dB.
Receive Sensitivity:> 7dBu (SINAD = 30dB).
De-emphasis: 50 uS.
Power supply: D17V DC / 300mA (external power supply).
Dimensions: 210 x 110 x 50 mm.
Weight: 365 g.

WM 204
Transmission power: 30mW.
Modulation Type: FM.
Max. Deviation: ± 20 kHz.
Spurious Emissions:

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