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AKG Lyra

AKG Lyra
AKG Lyra
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Simply plug AKG Lyra into your computer, phone or tablet and it’s easy to get Ultra HD sound for podcasts, YouTube videos, music, gaming and more. Legendary AKG Sound AKG Lyra is perfect for creating podcasts, YouTube videos, music and more with 4k-compatible, Ultra HD audio quality. Featuring cutting-edge AKG Internal Element Overload Prevention, an internal shockmount and built-in sound diffuser, Lyra automatically reduces noise and improves signal levels for optimal performance. The four-capsule AKG Adaptive Array offers versatile capture modes that eliminate guesswork, so you can quickly get professional sound. PLUG-AND-PLAY AKG Lyra works seamlessly with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices* so you can quickly record your ideas in the studio or on the go. You’ll be up and running in no time, no matter your experience level. There’s no assembly required or need for a separate audio interface—it just works, right out of the box Vintage-modernDesign Inspired by classic studio microphones like the legendary AKG C414, the Lyra mic offers a sleek design that’s sure to spark your creativity. An integrated stand with built-in cable management makes it easy to position Lyra on your desktop. Lyra can also be mounted on a traditional mic stand or microphone boom arm for more flexibility. AKG Lyra will enhance the audio you capture in all major audio and video production software and online platforms, plus it comes with Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software (Mac/PC) so you can get started right out of the box. Speed up your workflow with powerful editing tools and make music or backing tracks with the included software instruments. System requirements Windows® 8 or higher Mac OS® 10.7 or higher Android® 9 or higher (w/ OTG Compatible device) iOS® 10 or higher iOS® support may require Apple Camera Connection Kit and external power source, Android® support may require OTG Adapter Cable, available separately. 192 kHz/24-bit maximum audio performance dependent on host device and software capabilities.

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