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Samson Graphite 49 USB keyboard cont

SAMSON Graphite 49 USB keyboard controler
SAMSON Graphite 49 USB keyboard controler
Samson Graphite 49 - Keyboard Controller
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Цена: 499.00лв.


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This 49-key USB MIDI keyboard controller is loaded with features every studio needs. The Graphite 49 will quickly become the hub of your studio, from controlling virtual instruments to handling transport commands for your DAW. This compact keyboard controller features semi-weighted keyboard action plus aftertouch. You get a large selection of programmable surfaces that make DAW and plug-in control easy. Use the Graphite 49 with a Mac, a PC, or an iPad. It also includes MIDI Out and USB connections, transpose and octave buttons, and handy pitch and mod wheels. When you want a keyboard controller that's also your control headquarters, you need the Graphite 49!
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