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CROWN XLS602 усилвател

CROWN XLS602 усилвател
CROWN XLS602 усилвател
CROWN XLS602 усилвател
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The XLS 602 Power Amplifier is rated for a maximum output of 1200 watts (mono, bridged). In stereo mode, with 4 ohm speakers, it can produce a maximum of 450 watts, and with 8 ohm speakers, the maximum is 300 watts. This level of power gives the XLS 602 the muscle necessary to power instrumentalists, vocalists, and DJs who perform at medium sized concert venues. Although this might be more wattage than is necessary for smaller venues, it is important to keep in mind that power amplifiers are more efficient when driving easier loads. Buying an amplifier with more power than you currently need means that you can play at lower relative volumes, which will result in a cooler-running amplifier. An amplifier that runs at cooler temperatures lasts longer.