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Radial Re-amper Kit

Radial Re-amper Kit
Radial Re-amper KitRadial Re-amper KitRadial Re-amper KitRadial Re-amper KitRadial Re-amper Kit
The Radial Reamp Kit includes everything you need to Reamp in a single case. Start by recording with the industry standard Radial J48 direct box.
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    Radial Re-amper Kit



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Описание The Radial Stage Bug SB-5 is a compact stereo direct box designed to accommodate laptop computers, tablets and other consumer audio products when amplifying the signal through a PA system. This active DI is ideal for Reamping as it will not load down the pickups and will deliver the true sound of the instrument without distortion or artifact. Then Reamp to your hearts content using the Radial X-Amp Reamper. This active Reamper has two buffered outputs for twice the fun! Run two amps at the same time, add pedals… try Reamping bass, drums and keys. Once you get started you will wonder how you ever recorded without it. Характеристики Combination J48 and X-Amp in convenient kit Use the J48 DI for recording the track Use the X-Amp to Reamp back to your amps Foam-filled full surround Zebracase included